YouTuber Logan Taylor Puts Rippin Moto's 250mm Race Spec Brake Rotors to the Test

In the world of electric e-moto dirtbikes, the Surron has quickly become a fan favorite. As these bikes continue to push the boundaries of performance, riders are demanding upgrades that can keep pace. With the growing popularity of high-powered electric motorcycles like the Surron, Talaria, and E-Ride PRO, the need for better braking solutions has never been more apparent. That's why at Rippin Moto, we've developed our race-spec 250mm brake rotors specifically designed to handle the unique demands of these cutting-edge machines.

Recently, popular YouTuber Logan Taylor got his hands on a set of our 250mm rotors and put them through their paces on his Surron. As Logan puts it, "Brakes are absolutely the most important thing on your Surron. I will stand by that until the day I crash and die." We couldn't wait to see how our rotors performed under Logan's rigorous testing. So, let's dive in and take a closer look at his findings to see if our 250mm rotors truly live up to the hype.

Watch his full video review here:

250mm Review Breakdown:

1. Less Brake Fade

One of the key advantages of larger brake rotors is their increased resistance to brake fade. As Logan explains, "Larger rotors like this have more thermal mass. Which basically means it's just bigger and it can soak up more heat and dissipate more heat."

    In his testing, Logan found that even after repeated hard stops, he experienced no perceptible brake fade. "I can't get them to fade," he remarked. The oversized 250mm rotors, combined with their 2.3mm thickness, provide significantly more thermal mass compared to stock Sur Ron brakes.

    2. Increased Stopping Power

    Upgrading to a bigger rotor also improves overall braking power. "The farther out from the center you go on a wheel, the more leverage you have to change the speed," notes Logan. "The further out your brake caliper is, the easier it is for your brakes to slow down your bike."

      This was apparent in Logan's testing, where he was able to lock up the rear wheel more easily, especially on loose dirt. The 250mm rotors provided a noticeable improvement in braking performance compared to stock Sur Ron rotors.

      4. Floating Rotor Design

      Rippin Moto's rotors feature a floating, two-piece design where the outer ring can expand and contract independently from the inner mounting surface. Logan highlights the benefits of this setup: "When this outer ring heats up as you're using the brakes, that can expand and contract without warping the entire rotor."

        This floating design helps maintain consistent braking performance and rotor integrity even under hard use and high heat conditions. It's a thoughtful engineering detail that sets these rotors apart.

        5. Significant Upgrade Over Stock

        In Logan's assessment, moving up to Rippin Moto's 250mm rotors made a bigger difference in braking performance than his previous upgrade to Avid Code calipers. "Switching to these bigger rotors was way more of a significant upgrade for my Surron's braking performance than when I previously went from stock Surron calipers over to Avid Codes," he shares.

        6. Worth the Upgrade

        So are Rippin Moto's 250mm brake rotors worth it for Surron owners looking to improve their bike's braking capabilities? After two weeks of hard testing, Logan thinks so. "If you clicked on this video to find out if the world's biggest Surron brakes are worth the upgrade, yeah, I think they are," he concludes.


          Rippin Moto's 250mm floating brake rotors deliver on their promise of improved braking performance for Surron bikes. With their massive size, heat-dissipating two-piece design, and extra thick 2.3mm construction, these rotors offer measurable benefits in terms of reduced brake fade and increased stopping power.

          Logan Taylor's real-world testing demonstrates that upgrading to these oversized rotors can make a significant difference you can feel out on the trail. For Surron, Talaria, or E-Ride owners looking to get the most out of their bike's braking system, Rippin Moto's 250mm rotors are a worthy consideration. As Logan puts it, "Brakes are absolutely the most important thing on your Surron" - and these rotors help you stop on a dime.

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